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Exhibitor page – Videos

In the section dedicated to videos, the exhibitor can make visible the stream of videos coming from his YouTube channel.

At the time of registration, the exhibitor will have uploaded the address of his VIDEO CHANNEL to his own card. The section will be automatically “populated” , highlighting the latest insertions.

IMPORTANT: links to channels starting with youtube.com/user/ or youtube.com/channel/ or youtube.com/c/

Links such as youtube.com/watch/ are not links to channels but to individual videos and SHOULD NOT BE UPLOADED. If you want to highlight a particular video you can use the STORIES section.

REMEMBER: if you are an exhibitor of an event organized by Fiera Milano you can change the video profiles directly from your Exhibitor profile, if you are an exhibitor of an event organized by a third party you must contact your secretariat.

It is recommended to update your YouTube channel in the days before the event so that you can view recent and related contents.

If you want to repropose an old video, it is recommended to republish it on your video channel so that it can appear among the first in the Videos section of the Exhibitor page.

Updated on October 19, 2021

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