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What is Fiera ID

Fiera ID is the new unique user of Fiera Milano: your email and password will give access to all the services offered by the Expo Plaza portal.

How is it activated?

Fiera Milano sends to the user’s email address an activation email of Fiera ID, the unique user of Fiera Milano.

If you are a new Fiera ID user, you will be asked in the email to enter a temporary password and then to change it.

Enter the new password, don’t forget it: you will always need it to log in!

Remember: it must contain at least:

  • 8 characters
    A capital letter
    A lowercase letter
    A number
    A special character, like ! £ $ % &


Read carefully the content of the email. If you have participated in a fair since 2019, your email address may already be a Fiera ID, in this case the email will invite you directly to log in with the password you already have.

Don’t remember the password? Click here!

Updated on April 8, 2021

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